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What is BarreBurn805 ?

Barre for Everyone

 BarreBurn is a choreographed high energy class.   Muscle definition, cardiovascular endurance, strength and joint stability are targeted by small easy to follow repetitive movements.  Heart rates climb by combining cardio sequences with resistance bands,  and/or light hand weights.  Muscle sculpting is finished center floor and completed with a rejuvenating stretch cool down. Tennis shoes are worn for this class. 

How We Can Help You

Do you want the look of a long lean dancer body?  Elongate, tone, tighten and lift muscles you didn't know you had! Barre work, center work, floor work infused with dance cardio will have your heart rate up and your body groovin to the beat! Just bring a towel, water, wear supportive tennis shoes and YOU. 

What Barre Fitness can do for the body

Barre movements are all about improving range of motion, strength and flexibility. Barre training will assist you in achieving a ballerina’s "muscle endurance and balance". Muscle endurance determines your muscle’s ability to work for long periods of time. (Strength allows you to lift a weight, but muscle endurance dictates how many times you can lift it.) This type of work is effective at targeting the “support and steady” muscles that run close to your bones and tie into your core and spine.  Body changes can include posture improvement, increased flexibility and range of motion, muscular definition, a clear mental space, and a lively spirit are just the beginning! 


Meet Monica

" I started my workout with the goal to lengthen, lean and change my body. I  wanted something that would hold my attention and would be fun as well.  First class was challenging, but Lisa explained positioning and execution thoroughly!  I was hooked and found myself there 3 times a week.  My body transformed!  I stood taller and was toned in all the right places.  Ultimately I gained confidence in myself. 

Meet Kristin

"Barre was the first workout in my adult life that I truly committed too.  Barre changed the way I viewed my relationship with exercise, my physical health and what  "strong" really means.  This was life changing for me, every leg lift along the way!  I will always be grateful to Lisa for that gift. 

Meet Skye

"I used every muscle I have and some I had forgotten about!  Lisa’s energy is amazing and the class is a perfect balance of toning and cardio... dripping sweat and smiling.... '

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